Understanding Your Rx Plan

The more you know, the easier it is to get your medication and find ways to save. Explore the videos and downloadables below to learn how to make the most of your Rx plan.

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Who We Are

Making sure you have access to affordable medication is our priority.

DIY with Digital Tools

Manage your prescription (Rx) and find ways to save.

Your Rx Delivered

Save time and money with contactless home delivery.

Meet CVS Specialty

Personalized support for your specialty condition.

The ABCs of prior authorizations (PA)

Navigating the prior authorization process for medications.

Plan Downloadables

Welcome to CVS

Who we are and what we do for you.

Get the Most from Your Rx

It’s important to your health to stay on track – learn how.

Self Service Options

Save time and money with helpful digital tools.

Meet our Mobile App

Save time and money - manage your Rx from your smart device.

Contactless Delivery

Get your Rx delivered by mail or from CVS Pharmacy.

Save with Generics

Save with safe and effective generics.

CVS Specialty

Get the support you need and the choices you want.